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Public Perception V Private Reality

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Many said I was cold-blooded for betraying a dying man for cold hard cash

The reality is, I honored a living man and his family for a year, while sacrificing valuable time with my own.

My youngest son is two and a half years-old now, but was barely one, then and for the year I shot Steve’s film, I would have to regain his infant trust each time I got home from extended trips to New Orleans. I was tunnel-vision focused and strained my closest relationships and ignored my long-time friends. When I took on this project with Steve, it became the third documentary I was shooting, simultaneously, all with borrowed personal funds from my fiancee. The sacrifice was difficult, but when I traveled to NOLA, I felt like I was coming home to a family, even as I was neglecting my own. After I wrote a poem about Steve, The Soulful Steve G, I was literally open-arm-welcomed into the Varisco clan (his wife Michel’s family). The matriarch, my personal favorite, “Jilly V,” told me, “you are family.” I have never met a woman more inviting and genuinely sweet as this lady. I miss her welcoming energy tremendously.

I was given nicknames by the guys, “Sonny,” “Seanny P.” I was kissed on the lips by Jilly V when I arrived and hugged with powerful affection by friends and family every time I left. I never had to rent a hotel room or a car. Most of the time I was …

August 19, 2016

No White Flag Skit

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How do you turn something so toxic into something positive? How are Media Wars quelled? With something funny or amazing.

***When Eminem was under fire for ripping on “Faggots” and Elton John ripped him. How did they solve it? They solved it with performing together at the Grammy’s and tearing that shit up.


***When Billy Martin managed the Yankees in “The Bronx Zoo” and kept getting fired by the Yankees George Steinbrenner, they appeared together in a Miller Lite commercial yapping at each other punctuated with:

(GEORGE) ”Billy, you’re fired!”

(BILLY) “Not again!”

***THE BEST THING WE CAN DO, since neither of us can sing is bring the funny…

****If we are going to bury the hatchet in a funny way, we have to do it immediately because later on it will feel like damage control like we’re trying to sell a film. If we do it now, it shows we’re not hating on each other, personally, we just have a differing point of view on an important issue…


Mike McReady in the background playing guitar.

***Sean and Steve reading comments from the internet*** (WAR OF WORDS)

**** SHOT FROM BEHIND/neck up****toward screen****or both of us on iPads or iPhones

***At the beginning we’re not looking at each other****

(STEVE) (turns toward Sean) “You look pretty beat up, Fly.”

(SEAN) ”Yeah, man, I had a pretty tough week…” (in make-up with black eye and cuts)

(STEVE) ”Maybe you should sack up and take the pain?”…

August 19, 2016

When you kill the head but the body just wont die

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Just after midnight on April 5th, 2012, I released an audio tape, in conjunction with an article written by Yahoo! Sports journalist, Mike Silver. The repetitive line in the tape many considered “shocking,” was “Kill the head & the body dies.”

It was a coach telling his players how to play the game of football.

It was a metaphor, essentially saying that if you neutralize the opponents best player, you win the game.

The audio has since gained notoriety as being evidence of a “Bounty Program,” set in place by former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams. Since his suspension for running said program, it has been stated by several former players that Williams had employed a similar business plan in his previous stops, as an NFL coach. Williams was respected so much for the way he did his job that Saints coach Sean Payton reportedly volunteered to cut his salary in 2009 by $250,00, specifically to hire Williams. It was an unprecedented courting of an assistant coach. I was told by a couple of Saints players that Williams’ contract had a “Fuck you clause,” as he used to tell his players. This meant he had complete autonomy and was in absolute charge of the defense. It can be argued that no defensive coordinator wielded this much power since Buddy Ryan was battling Mike Ditka when they were the Dynamic Duo, coaching the 1985 Super Bowl champion, Chicago Bears.

According to the NFL, the Saints had been warned repeatedly …

August 19, 2016

Drew Brees Voice Mail

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This is a brief (for me) & abbreviated recounting of the final hours leading up to the release of the Gregg Williams Audio. For greater detail, please refer to my essay, “When you kill the head, the body doesn’t die”, posted May 31st.

Drew left this voice mail for me at 7:27pm on April 4th, 2012, DrewBreesVM_4-4-12_7-27pm just after sending a similar text, requesting to review the “Tru Dat” essay I’d written to accompany the release of the Greg Williams audio.

Steve Gleason had texted me 26 minutes earlier, at 7:01pm to say that, “To be very clear… According to our contract it is illegal for you to release w/o my approval. And… you do NOT have my permission to release this audio/video footage.”

(To be clear: It WAS NOT illegal or in violation of our contract to release the audio and I did not require Steve’s approval, however myself, Scott Fujita & Drew Brees sought his blessing. Besides the fact that my producer drafted our co-production agreement, several attorneys have confirmed that this fact.)

Again, at 8:06pm Drew texted me, “Just talked to Scott. He does not want to see the message but Steve and I do…”

Drew Brees never expressed to me that he did not want the audio released, even though this was misreported by yesterday. I asked multiple ESPN sources that this CORRECTION be made with this article but 23-hours later, the request has yet to be honored, even-tough the story was updated today at …

August 19, 2016