No White Flag Skit

How do you turn something so toxic into something positive? How are Media Wars quelled? With something funny or amazing.

***When Eminem was under fire for ripping on “Faggots” and Elton John ripped him. How did they solve it? They solved it with performing together at the Grammy’s and tearing that shit up.


***When Billy Martin managed the Yankees in “The Bronx Zoo” and kept getting fired by the Yankees George Steinbrenner, they appeared together in a Miller Lite commercial yapping at each other punctuated with:

(GEORGE) ”Billy, you’re fired!”

(BILLY) “Not again!”

***THE BEST THING WE CAN DO, since neither of us can sing is bring the funny…

****If we are going to bury the hatchet in a funny way, we have to do it immediately because later on it will feel like damage control like we’re trying to sell a film. If we do it now, it shows we’re not hating on each other, personally, we just have a differing point of view on an important issue…


Mike McReady in the background playing guitar.

***Sean and Steve reading comments from the internet*** (WAR OF WORDS)

**** SHOT FROM BEHIND/neck up****toward screen****or both of us on iPads or iPhones

***At the beginning we’re not looking at each other****

(STEVE) (turns toward Sean) “You look pretty beat up, Fly.”

(SEAN) ”Yeah, man, I had a pretty tough week…” (in make-up with black eye and cuts)

(STEVE) ”Maybe you should sack up and take the pain?”

(SEAN) ”Maybe you should forgive and forget?”

(STEVE) “You think your week was worse than mine?”

(SEAN) ”A lotta people say I stabbed a dying man in the back, bro.”

(STEVE) ”My back itches, can you get that for me?”

***Sean reaches back and looks at a fake knife in there through a piece of paper with a Fleur de lis on it… (PULLS IT OUT) ***from a reverse angle…

****Now begins eye contact****

(SEAN) ”You okay?”

(STEVE) ”I’m a pretty quick healer, Fly”

(SEAN) ”Let’s hug it out” …Sean leaning in to Steve…

(STEVE) ”Not that quick”

(SEAN) ”You know I heard in some movie when I was a kid that love is never having to say you’re sorry. But I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, pal.”

(STEVE) “Stop being so girly, dude.” (makes face and turns away)

(MIKE McReady) ”I’ve been in bands for a quarter century and and fact is, there’s always drama or issues. They key is to tap into the love and the respect will follow. And if the connection is right, you come back stronger than ever.

Support Team Gleason


(STEVE) ”I give you permission to release this.”

(On camera pitch at the end)***DREW BREES***

***Wherever Drew is, we can get a camera and a teleprompter for a couple hours, he could knock this out from several angles…

In the past 15 months Steve found out he’s got ALS.

He’s gone on an epic 15,000 mile trip with a pregnant wife, Michel

He led the Who Dat chant in in front of a sold out crowd, I had a great view of that one.

He’s got a Super Bowl ring

He’s had his first child,

He had a festival in his honor

He jumped out of an airplane

And he went to the SuperBowl…I kinda missed that one…

And the guy everyone thinks sold him out for cash, actually borrowed money so he could sleep in vans and do whatever was necessary, to show up and document the epic love story of Steve and Michel Gleason…

With all this controversy going on, you can’t lose sight of the facts.

This has been one hell of a ride and if you support, you will never forget it.

I’m Drew Brees. I support Team Gleason. I support great filmmaking.

And so should you…NO WHITE FLAGS

*****If we shoot this tomorrow afternoon before they go to Radiohead tomorrow night we are golden…I leave for NY on Tuesday and am most likely unavailable after 9am…so it’s either EARLY Tuesday or tomorrow…

August 19, 2016